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Peanut Butter Milkshake {THM-FP, Low Carb, Sugar Free}

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A creamy, dreamy peanut butter milkshake that is so healthy you could have it for breakfast (really)! Low carb, low fat, and sugar free!

Low Carb, Low Fat, Sugar Free Peanut Butter Milkshake (THM-S)

Peanut powder is one of my favorite products! The first peanut powder I ever tried was the Trim Healthy Mama Peanut Flour. Man, was that good! It is De-Fatted, which means 1/4 cup of this peanut flour only has 4 grams of fat, as opposed to regular peanut butter’s 32 grams per 1/4 cup!

For Trim Healthy Mamas, this means we can now have peanut butter flavor in our E and FP meals and snacks – awesome! One idea I love is adding this peanut flour to plain greek yogurt and using it as a dip for apple slices! You can’t go wrong with peanut butter and apple!

Low Carb, Low Fat, Sugar Free Peanut Butter Milkshake (THM-S)

But I digress, this post is all about a creamy peanut butter milkshake! Now, I love to have this for breakfast, but really, it is good anytime! With the added collagen, this falls at about 34 grams of protein per serving, so it can easily be a breakfast or light lunch.

Low Carb, Low Fat, Sugar Free Peanut Butter Milkshake (THM-S)

Unfortunately, when I created this recipe I was out of the THM Peanut Flour (sniff, sniff), so I had to use the JIF Peanut Powder which can be found at most Wal-Marts. It is good, but not as good as the THM brand. And while we are on that topic, I have found that Trim Healthy Mama’s products as a whole are much superior to any other brand. I believe that is because they search high and low for suppliers/growers who meet their stringent standards. All that hard work comes through in taste! (And no, I was not paid to say that, just my own opinion!)

Low Carb, Low Fat, Sugar Free Peanut Butter Milkshake (THM-S)

Back to the recipe! I know people will ask, “Can you taste the cottage cheese?” I don’t think you can. The cottage cheese is what makes it creamy, and I think it lends a light cheese-cakey flavor. I used to detest cottage cheese with a passion, but now I put it in everything!


Peanut Butter Milkshake {THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free}

Peanut Butter Milkshake {THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free}


  • 1/2 Cup Low-Fat Cottage Cheese
  • 1/2 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 3 Tablespoons Defatted Peanut Flour
  • 1 Tablespoon Xylitol (or your on-plan sweetener of choice)
  • 2 Tablespoons Collagen Protein Powder
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • Dash of mineral salt (important)
  • 6-8 Ice Cubes


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender, and blend until combined!


Please note that this milkshake, as written, is a FP, but if you add more fat or pair it with fat, it will push it over into S mode. If you want an S milkshake, feel free to add 1 Tablespoon of sugar free natural peanut butter!

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2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Milkshake {THM-FP, Low Carb, Sugar Free}

  1. just curious why the title of the blog post says the milkshake is FP, but the print option shows it is S…..? either way, it sounds delicious, and i think i’ll make me one tomorrow and enjoy it! 🙂

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