Need some help staying on track?

A little bit of help goes a long way!

Imagine you had someone to do your meal planning, recipe gathering, and grocery list making for you...

You'd have more TIME to enjoy eating with your family and staying on plan would be EASIER.

Imagine you had access to videos with tutorials and kitchen hacks...

You'd SAVE TIME & EFFORT so that you could stop getting frustrated in the kitchen.

Imagine you had a kitchen table to sit at and share your frustrations, receive encouragement, and be equipped with the resources you need to live a healthy life...

All of the sudden, SUCCESS & HEALTH & VICTORY would be within reach.

Sounds awesome, doesn't it? It's exactly what you've been needing!

[This is] literally life changing for me. I’ve tried to start this plan sooooo many times, but never lasted more than a full week without “cheating” which would then lead to just totally blowing it off...[but now] I’m totally committed to staying on track!          ~Hope B.

That's why I want to invite you to
my Montana kitchen table!

You want to succeed.  You're ready to go all-in.  

You've just been waiting for a way to really do it.

And I'm excited to help you get started RIGHT NOW

with the My Montana Kitchen Table membership!

When you pull up a seat in the My Montana Kitchen Table membership community, you'll be welcomed in to a community that offers the support & resources you need to stay on plan, remove the stress, and enjoy the fruits of a healthy kitchen.

What's Included With Your Membership?

Meal Plans & Printables

Get already made dinner plans. PLUS, FREE monthly challenges and bonus resources!

Videos & Resources

Learn time saving tricks, flavor boosting tips, kitchen hacks, & more straight from my Montana Kitchen. Let's make being healthy simple & delicious...together!

Plans, Printables, & More

Save time & money with meal plans, shopping lists, and complete guides. Plus build your healthy lifestyle with everything from habit trackers to shopping lists...and more!

Community & Encouragement

Stay on track with regular community, inspiration, encouragement, and accountability. You are not alone! Take your seat at the table and enjoy the community.

I love that you take the work out of the plan and I can confidently use your menus and know I am completely on plan. This way I get to enjoy the plan instead of worrying about if I am doing it right!”                    ~Jennie S.

Are you READY?

If you're ready to get started staying on plan with done for you meal plans and shopping lists...

If you're ready to get started growing healthier habits and crushing your goals...

If you're ready to be part of a supportive and encouraging community...

Then take your seat at my Montana kitchen table today!

What Others Say


Your suggested menus and recipes have been really inspiring and so delicious that is easier to stay on track.

Shari W.


It really helps me to have a plan. I don’t like figuring out meals while I am working through the week. I enjoy the structure and variety.

Mandi S.


Having the recipes and menu plan laid out for me are a super huge help. It makes me more able to stick with it!

Ashley C.

Are You Ready To Come On In?

Come take your seat in the My Montana Kitchen Table Community today...

-> Be a part of monthly challenges that include detailed plans, lists, and everything you need to stay on track!

-> Get already created menu plans, shopping lists, meal planning printables, recipe cards, habit trackers, and all sorts of great resources that will save you stress, time, & money!

-> Receive support and encouragement, because doing this with a community will make you even more successful!

-> Plus, get a peek into my kitchen with exclusive videos that are only for those who come sit at my kitchen table. I'll share the exact systems and tips I'm using with you, so you can try them, too

And the best part?

It's all included in your membership at one low price per month!

What Are You Waiting For? JOIN NOW!

Hi, I'm Sarah!

...and I'm excited to open the doors to my Montana kitchen and offer you a seat at my table. Let's share a collagen infused latte & plan your healthy meals together. No more struggles over menus, no more wasting money over food that doesn't get used, & plenty of encouragement to help you stay on track. Come on in & have a seat!